white oudh attar from bashar


Brand bashar
Scent white oudh
Item Form Liquid
Item Weight 30 ga
Item Volume 6ml


  • ¬†white Oudh from bashar perfumes

White Oudh is the first woody in the Clean line. Designed to capture the calm, peaceful feeling of encountering a wooded clearing, the fragrance weaves a cozy blanket of citrus, sweetness, woody notes and a dash of pepper. Capacity.

  • white oud
  • White Oud does just that, capturing the deep complexity of oud based fragrances, energised and lightened with mysterious, cool notes, which settle into a sweet powdery base, reminiscent of dusky Scandinavian days. Notes include, ylang ylang flowers, tonka beans, patchouli, white musk and cypriol.


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