Rasheeda White Musk Attar 6 ml Floral Attar


Fragrance:- Musk
Quantity:- 6 ml
  1. Capacity: 6 ml
  2. Fragrance: Musk
  3. Type: Herbal Attar
  4. Alcohol Free
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White Musk Attar from 2A Perfumes is a scent for Unisex that is fresh and subtle. It is classified as an oriental fragrance. White Musk For unisex is a combination of warm floral scents like honeysuckle, ylang ylang, and jasmine, and spicy and woodsy scents. The perfume is designed to be alluring enough to be worn when you go out at night, and light enough to be worn during the day as office wear. The cologne spray comes in a 8 ml bottle. It is popular the world over for its unique blend of musk and florals. It also contains amber, and became famous for its clear, feminine aura that is strong enough to be long lasting but delicate enough to linger instead of overpower. To apply the scent, spray it on your pulse points, over your clothes because scent sticks to cloth better than skin. Then spray a cloud in the air in front of you and walk through it. It is designed for women. It comes in a 8ml bottle. It combines florals with amber and musk.

Rasheeda White Musk Attar 6 ml Floral Attar
  • 6 ml
  • Musk
  • Herbal Attar


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