Rasasi Rasha Concentrated Perfume 12 ml (Floral Attar)


Fragrance:- Sandalwood
Quantity:- 12 ml
  1. Capacity: 12 ml
  2. Fragrance: Sandalwood
  3. Type: Floral Attar
  4. Alcohol Free


Rasha is a perfect fusion of high quality ingredients that have been blended perfectly to createstyle and enhance prestige. The fragrance is enclosed in an excqusitely designed and very unique copper coloured metal jacketthat symbolises style and portrays exclusiveness. The perfume opens with the rich and pleasing notes of Casis and tropical fruits which later givesway to the lively and pleasant middle notes of Cardamom, Jasmine and Sambac.The base notestake over later to provide the rich and prestigious notes of Snadalwood, Ambergris and lactnicthat not only makes the wearer feel very admired and appreciated. Olfactory description:- Top note:Casis and tropical fruits Middle notes:Cardamom, Jasmine and Sambac Base notes:Sandalwood, Ambergris and Lactonic

Rasasi rasha concentrated Perfume 12 ml (Floral Attar)

Model Name
  • Rasha
  • 12 ml
  • Sandalwood
  • Floral Attar


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