Kmb attar from bashar



brand bashar
Scent Kmb
Item Form Liquid
Item Weight 30 ga
Item Volume 6ml
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  • Kmb attar


  • The word ‘Attar’ or ‘Ittar’ is directly derived from the Persian word ‘Attar’ ‘otto’ or ‘ottar’, which basically means perfume, scent, or fragrance, and in India, it is well-known as ‘Ittar. The production of the fragrance oils of Attar generally involves extracting scent from flowers, aromatic herbs, and various other botanical sources, while few attar oils are extracted from some species of wood as well.
  • It is quite astonishing that although the majority of perfumes and fragrances today are manufactured artificially using chemicals (including alcohol), which can turn out to be lethal when smelled, in rare cases, however, Attar is still 100% pure and made from nature’s ravishing resources.
  • Immensely popular among Middle-Eastern countries and parts of South Asia such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, they have grown to be well-liked among the US, Canada, Australia, and some parts of Europe such as the UK, Turkey, since they are eco-friendly, long-lasting and free of alcohol.
  • Now, attars or ittars have been massively popular in India as well, which is a colossal market for the ravishing bottles of fragrances, importing them from across the globe and the best Attar can be easily discovered in the Indian market.
  • The essence of luxury has been relished on Indian soil since the time of Mughals, who, along with their wives were extremely fond of fragrances and it is claimed in many sources that attar oils added a nice whiff to life for the Mughal Emperors of India. Furthermore, it is cited that Noor Jahan the wife of Emperor Jahangir was a connoisseur of ittar and used to bathe in water perfumed with rose petals.
  • The luxury provided by the substantial quality of attar fragrances that the Mughals enjoyed can be experienced by you through L’Intence Oud Attar of Parag Fragrances. Being the most expensive attar in India, this bottle of ecstatic aroma blends pleasurably with your clothes even with light application. It is produced from natural oil that is an extract of numerous natural materials such as wood and flowers.


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