jasmin attar from bashar



  • Brand bashar
    Scent jasmin
    Item Form Liquid
    Item Weight 30 ga
    Item Volume 6ml


  • jasmin attar from bashar
Jasmine attar is natural fragrance oil obtained from the flower of Jasmine. The attar has romantic, sensual, and beautiful fragrance loved by both men and women. … Known for its amazingly seductive fragrance, Jasmine Attar is a globally popular & in demand natural attar that is sensuous, fruity and bit complex

What does jasmine smell do?

Fragrances that contain a high concentration of Jasmine are often described as having a sweet, green and rich smell. The jasmine scent is naturally mind-altering as it has mood-boosting and aphrodisiacal qualities, making its effects within perfume transformative. Different varieties produce different fragrance


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