Gulab Attar From bashar


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Brand Bashar
Scent Floral
Item Form Liquid
Item Weight 6 ml
Item Volume 6 Millilitres

About this item

  • For External use only of This Oil.
  • 100% Pure Natural Attar For Men, Women, UniSex
  • Top Indian Brand and Certified Quality And Sold In Over 100 Countries.
  • Charming, Sensual, Warm and Distinctive Masculine Fragrance
  • It has a spicy and Pure floral attar made from natural ingredients.


  • What is Gulab attar?
  • Rose (Gulab) Attar’s aroma wards off depressions and brings vibrancy to the user. This ittar is widely used in puja of Lord Ganesha. It also ignites a desire for romance and love. … Gulab ittar may help gently dissolve blockages and feelings of disappointment and pain.
  • What is attar perfume called in English?
  • a perfume or essential oil obtained from flowers or petals. Also called at·tar of ros·es, ot·to of ros·es . rose oil.

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